Placement of Rugs

How should you place that gorgeous area rug you’ve been saving up for since last Thanksgiving? Here are a few tips!

  1. As a general guide, put the front legs of any furniture piece on the rug and leave the back legs off.
  2. Make sure the rug is placed in a balanced composition within the room.
  3. For a dining-room the best size for a rug is one 4 feet larger than the width and length of the table. As long as the rug is large enough to move the chairs away from the table without them falling off of the edge, the rug is the right size.
  4. Any surrounding furniture, such as a china cabinet,entertainment center, or serving pieces, should be on the floor, not on the rug.

*THE RUG SHOWN IN THE PICTURE WAS OVER $2,000, BUT I FOUND SIMILAR ONES FOR $63-$330 FOR AN 8’X5′ AT ┬áThe style name is Frontier Rug.

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