Form Follows Function


It is ideal to have functional furniture pieces in your living room, but if that is all you have, the room can seem cold and uninviting. Your living room should feel warm and engaging. Adding some decorative accessories throughout the room makes your living room feel warmer and more interesting. They are also easy to change should you want to change your home’s decor or color scheme.

Ways to accessorize your Living Room:

1. Add some Color!!!!

Colorful throw pillows, framed art work or paintings are easy, affordable solutions to a sterile color scheme. Red throw pillows really pop with color when set on a black or white sofa. A purple blanket hanging on the back of a beige sofa gets you out of that comfortably dull style.

2. Mix textures and patterns!!!

Having matching leather furniture in a room is great, but most people like a variety of textures and patterns. Textured throw pillows are nice. Hand-carved wood statues, floors,or wall hangings add some dimension to the space and a slightly rough-finished element to the room.

3. Treat your walls.

Flat, painted walls are boring and uninviting, but they are a good place to get creative. Pictures are a simple solution, but might be too common for your personal taste. Instead, fill frames with something else: collected wine corks, shells from your exotic Caribbean vacation or ticket stubs and programs from your favorite concerts or plays. You can also use shadowboxes to create this look.

4. Frame objects.

The frame of a picture adds a classy touch and makes the picture seem more important than if it were unframed. The same idea applies to everything in your living room space. Use identical accent pieces on both sides of an element you’d like to frame or flank. Place some potted plants beside your entertainment center. Add some tall vases, candelabras, or umbrella stands next to your fireplace.

5. Fill empty spaces.

Empty spaces in your living room don’t inspire people, but they can draw the unwanted attention to your guests. Give them something appealing to look at instead. Everybody has a sofa in their living room, but how you fill these voids is your opportune chance to display your uniqueness and own personal style!

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