Valentine’s Day Getaway in Downtown OKC

I am one lucky girl!  For those who don’t know I am lucky because my birthday just happens to be on Valentine’s Day! Yes, every year it lands on Valentine’s Day without fail. Something else you might not know is that my husband’s birthday is also on Valentine’s Day; no I’m totally kidding on that one, but it IS two days later.  With our birthdays being so close together AND having a holiday coinciding with our special days we either try to cram all celebrations into one day or make it a whole week of celebrations.

This year, after having been through 9 previous Valentine’s Day/ birthday debacles,  we wanted to do something different for our 10th Valentine’s Day and spread out the celebratory festivities a bit more to help each day actually feel special and not rushed. Last weekend we decided to take a stay-cation trip to Downtown Oklahoma City. We have lived in Oklahoma for 10 months and have never spent time downtown besides a few causal drives through to get to other destinations. I decided to partner up with THE COLOCORD HOTEL and celebrate our Valentine’s Day there. We both were super excited to be able to explore the city more and truth be told I LOVE the city!! I am definitely more of a city girl than a suburb girl.

I chose the Colcord Hotel for a few reasons. One was the location as it is located in the business district of Downtown OKC and smack dab in the middle of some fantastic sights and activities including the Myriad Botanical Gardens, the Devon Ice Rink,  the Devon Energy Center. and the Chesapeake Energy Arena  I also chose the Colcord Hotel because of it’s gorgeous architecture and design aesthetic!!

Let me tell you, the exterior is all old world glam adorned with intricate terracotta molding and luxury materials throughout. The interior is a mix of old world with the new modern world. A foyer of grey, black,  and white marbled floors and walls. With an impressive extra-wide and dramatic staircase it welcomes you into a theoretical romantic movie! The hotel rooms are modern glam in style with clean lined furniture and modern color palette with a classy touch of glimmering chandeliers here and there. The Colcord Hotel  was a refreshing change to the typical Oklahoma sights of cowboys and red bricks.

Once we arrived and settled into our sophisticated corner room with grand views of the impressive  850ft tall Devon Energy Center Tower and the lovely Myriad Botanical Gardens we decided to eat an early dinner at the hotel’s restaurant Flint.  WOW! Flint was amazing! The food was incredible and the atmosphere was a perfect mix of upscale modern with a warm and welcoming dining experience.

We completely loved our time together at The Colcord Hotel. It was exactly what we needed to celebrate together and we’re not alone! Check out these TRIPADVISOR reviews! For booking information and to start planning your own Valentine’s Day Getaway click HERE. We will definitely be returning soon! Here are some photos from our stay. Enjoy!

Home is where you love so create your happy.

See ya soon!


Amanda Foresee

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This post was sponsored by THE COLCORD HOTEL in Oklahoma City, OK All opinions are my own and all photos are my own. 

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