Quick one-day project! Initial decor

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already Labor Day weekend!  Here in Oklahoma that means school has just started again, weekly bonfires with friends, marshmallow burning…eh roasting, and it’s college  football season!!!( Go OU#boomersooner)  With this being a three day weekend for many of you I figured I’d post a quick one-day project for you!! Now to be honest I’ve been wanting to do this one for sooooo long!  It’s so simple and doesn’t take very long so I guess I just kept putting it off.

When my daughter was born in 2011 my husband and I gave her a name with the initials LAF. About a month after she was born we realized a coincidence!! My name, Amanda, his name, Forest, and our daughter’s name, Lauren if rearranged ALSO  were the initials LAF!!!  We were so surprised when we put it all together! Also LAF can be read out loud as LAUGH! Yeah, we sure were laughing at this discovery! Anyways, I’ve always wanted to have some kind of initial decor art in our house so for this project I selected LAF. 🙂

Using a 1″ foam brush I decided to do 2 coats of Apple Barrel’s: SnowWhite paint to ensure the true color pigment to be produced.

After I let each white coat of paint dry for 20 min. each I painted each letter in Apple Barrel’s: Lime Tree paint. Again I painted the letters with two coats to ensure complete coverage and true color pigment to be produced.  I allowed the paint to ry for one hour before placing the LAF initials on display!!!


This project came out exactly as I was hoping and it took just 2.5 hours with clean-up included!   What quick one-day project will YOU be doing this Labor Day weekend????

See y’all soon!!

-Amanda Foresee-

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