Happy Accidents

Recently, Target launched a whole arts and crafts line called Homemade Modern. I have visited Target several times since the arts and crafts line launched and this week I finally gave in to give a few items a try!
As some of you know I love painting canvases typically in a abstract style and with Liquitex brand acrylic paints. To test out the new Target brand Homemade Modern I decided I’d paint a canvas and try out their acrylic paint, foam brushes and chipboard stencils.


Time to get painting!
Handmade Modern Acrylic Paint: Avocado in a satin finish

Handmade Modern Acrylic Paint: Robin’s Egg in a satin finish 

Ombre wash of Avocado and Robin’s Egg 

Handmade Modern Acrylic Paint: Sterling in a metallic finish 

Handmade Modern Chipboard Stencil: Heirringbone 


Ugh……:(  The chipboard stencil left behind specks of chipboard!!! I had two options; trash the canvas now and call it quits or continue on and concider it a Happy Accident. 
Happy Accident it is! I decided to leave the chipboard specks in there and it turns out it gave the piece a sort of vintage/worn look!!!

As it turned out I liked the Happy Accident I encountered during this project and I’m glad I continued the piece to the end. As for the Target Arts and crafts line Handmade Modern I think I’ll stick with Liquitex brand acrylic paint instead and you already know I WON’T Be using or purchasing their chipboard stencils again! That was a mess and I happily threw the stencil in the trash as SOON as I was done!

Bob Ross use to say, “There are no mistakes in art only Happy Accidents!”

James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him

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