10 things you NEED to know about me


So some of you know me and most of you don’t. I was recently reading a few random blogs from other creators  while trying to cure my boredom  and realized,  ” Hey! I’d like to share more about myself with my lovies!”  Here we are and here we go!
1. I’m obsessed with vanilla iced lattes from our local coffee shop Wild Hero. Call me basic if you dare!

2. You can usually find me in 3 or more accessories at any given time. I’m the type of girl who loves jewelry and brightly-colored scarves.

3. Never go to HOBBY LOBBY, Jo-Ann’s, or Michael’s without me! That’s not a request.

4. Fall is my favorite season!! No explanation needed.

5. DJ Mustard is always in the mix.

6. I’ve never learned how to ride a bike.

7. For lucky number 7 I’ll share with you, my lovies, that I have PTSD and agoraphobia. I was bed-bound, and home-bound for almost a whole year! I’m very lucky that today My PTSD symptoms are not holding me back anymore and my agoraphobia is in remission! My journey continues!

8. I love hydrangeas and peonies!

9. Big Brother is my current guilty pleasure. I have the live feeds too……

10. Fellow  YouTubers  I watch are: IJustine, CTFxc, BFvsGF, Kandee Johnson, BubzBeauty, Olga Kay, Shaytards, and Michael Buckley.

There us go lovies! What YouTubers do you watch??? Do you have a channel?? Share with me in the comments a little about yourself. I’d love to get to know y’all!

See you soon!

-Amanda Foresee-

” home is where you love.”

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